Gap year 2.0

Back in 6th form I had no real clue what I wanted to when I finished school, so I did the classic and went on a gap year. If you’ve heard enough about gap years I’d probably give this blog a miss.

I spent my gap year in the south of Chile volunteering as an English teacher for the charity Project Trust. I lived with the family of one of the students I taught and I had an amazing time – in fact, it was so good that I’m back here now visiting, I booked the trip in October and it was a huge motivation for working hard at university and it was well worth it.

Since returning I’ve spent 2 weeks teaching in the school again which was great, especially as all the kids remember me, something I didn’t expect to happen.  The best part has been coming back and staying with the family, I bought an Xbox out for the eldest lad which has been the worst and best thing ever, he loves it but I can only hack about 20 minutes before I’m bored of pressing buttons and inevitably losing to him.

I’ve shared the Chileans heartbreak of losing against Germany in the confederations cup final, been to multiple family birthday parties, visited local cities and been on a boat trip in which I nearly turned into an ice cube. I forgot how unbelievably cold it was here, I’ve spent most of the time wearing 3 jumpers and a huge ski jacket to combat the cold. The lack of central heating and thin walls and roof means it gets seriously cold – also we say it rains a lot in England but the rain here is just next level.

When I finished my gap year here I left with a very good level of Spanish and although I’ve forgotten some of it and trying to talk in different tenses is impossible, I’ve more than gotten by, bar a few embarrassing moments of misunderstanding.

I’ve been here for 4 weeks and have just 2 weeks left in which I’m going to visit some friends further south and spend as much time as possible with the family. Time has flown by but being back here is brilliant seeing all the people who made my year so great as well as making some more new friends. Soon it’s back to reality and working to start the saving process to return again.

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