What I miss when I’m at uni

I love uni and Sheffield is great but having said that there are still things I miss from home:

  1. My dogs, the cute little legends, above.
  2. Having a bath, what students can afford to have a bath!?
  3. Not having to cook, it’s really tedious and I eat something I’ve spent 20 minutes cooking in 2 minutes.
  4. Free food (well everything at home that’s free really….)
  5. House temperature (my uni house is roasting – no, we don’t have the heating on yet, just my house back home is really cold. It probably wouldn’t feel out of place in the arctic).
  6. Free lifts/transport – it sounds lazy but sometimes I really can’t be bothered to walk from the union to the IC.
  7. Flat terrain. Over summer I’ve lost all my fitness, just me being lazy again really.
  8. Derby County football club, obviously.
  9. Going down the local – despite the expensive village prices, there’s nowhere better than the Sherwood Ranger.
  10. My cat, down below.

Although the same can be said about when I go back home. Here’s the things I miss about uni when back home:

  1. Independence, simple.
  2. City life. Sheffield has a great buzz about it and it’s what I miss most.
  3. Sport, because sport is life.
  4. Uni mates.
  5. Something constantly happening – I love that no matter what day it is there’s something on, be it in Sheffield or at uni.
  6. Endless opportunities.If I didn’t need to sleep I could be on the go 24/7.
  7. Living with mates. Its great fun and someone’s always about to have a laugh with.
  8. The Peak District – it’s fantastic how it’s just a stone’s throw from the city.
  9. Notty house: it comes close to the Ranger – great pies and pub quiz.
  10. Yorkshire people, they’re the best.

I will admit I wrote this blog purely so I can use my pets to get attention; their photos are much more interesting than anything I’ve written and I make no apologies for that.


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