University life in Spain

*This is a disclaimer about this blog before I begin: I go to San Pablo University in Madrid and this blog is based purely from my experiences here, I don’t want to upset too many Spaniards…*

Most Europeans are more chilled out than us English so I expected it to be kind of relaxed here but not quite to the extent I’ve experienced. I absolutely love uni here there’s no doubt about that but it’s very different to the order of Sheffield.

It was apparent in the first week it was going to be chaos. I can’t follow Google maps for toffee so I made sure I gave myself a decent amount of time to get from my hostel to uni and was outside my classroom at 7:55 to start class at 8. Some Scandinavians arrived and at 8:05 the teacher hadn’t arrived, I thought this was pretty reasonable but the Scandinavians weren’t having any of it and went to reception demanding where the teacher was. Rather amused I watched on as they hunted down the teachers office, walked in where he was just chilling and asked why class hadn’t started, his reply ‘’ I’ve decided we’ll start at 8:30 today’’. I thought this was great and just classic Spanish but the others were not amused.

This theme seemed to carry on. I would arrive on time and half an hour or an hour later the teacher would arrive along with one or two Spanish students. I soon discovered the Spanish students didn’t really bother coming to class; one girl in my class I’ve seen twice in two months. My favourite memory so far was one of the lads arriving 15 minutes before the end then leaving after five minutes for no apparent reason – the teacher didn’t even bat an eye lid. Another perfect example was in a presentation for around 50 students there were 10 of us and half of us were Erasmus students…

The teachers are brilliant here and at first we had very little work, all I needed was the sun to come out and it’d be perfect. Except there actually is a lot of work; the teachers just seem to have a cunning plan to just throw it all at you in one week.  Used to English deadlines, I meet them as I don’t want to lose marks… here however the deadline is ever extending (not that I’m complaining now I know).

I would have done a blog about all the cultural experience I’ve had and how I’m really making the most of what Madrid has to offer… except I’m not. Fear not though, I have taken in a lot of the real Spanish culture, football. I’ve watched endless games and done multiple stadium tours but what do I do when I’m not watching football? I sleep, I’m only human.

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