Why learning a new language is never a bad idea

Living in an English-speaking country, it is quite usual for home students to contend themselves with fluency in English. A vibrant international community like Sheffield, on the other hand, offers each student a platform to speak a unique story with a unique voice. Because besides laying down an open ground to practice forms of greetings from across the globe, it houses a golden opportunity to experiment with new languages.

Born in one country, lived in another and studying in yet another has fortunately coaxed me to keep changing the way I converse. I don’t know how an unavoidable circumstance turned into something I enjoyed, but I decided to learn German soon after arriving here. In this case, luckily, the path was already paved for me at the Modern Language Teaching Center (MLTC). A bit of craving and commitment made me realize what I hadn’t all these years: how fun it can be. Apart from all the wonderful things picking up a language can do to a brain’s wiring, it serves as a portal to immerse in a whole culture from afar. It might even help you appreciate how botched up the English language is and at other times how it has saved us from the agony of gender classifying all nouns. 

We are, in many ways, fortunate in these peculiar times when everything has come to a standstill. Foremost being able to vent off all sorts of stress by spending time with ourselves. It also gives us an excuse to pursue past-times, we wouldn’t have time for in the past, with no strings attached. Learning a language is just one approach and the list becomes what you make of it. Be it that novel, hoarding all the dust in the house, or the abundance of skills at your internet’s disposal, do it. Procrastinating productively can never be a bad idea.

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