Get Creative

The lockdown restrictions are starting to ease now, but you probably still often find yourself not knowing what to fill your time with. Since lockdown started, I’ve been really embracing my creative side and trying out loads of new creative projects! Now that craft stores are open again, it’s super easy to get everything you need to cure your lockdown boredom. I’m going to share some ideas with you to show you how fun and easy it can be. All of these are also really affordable on a student budget!  


You could try your hand at embroidery and make a little patch to spruce up an old tshirt, bag, or anything really! All you need is a needle, embroidery thread and embroidery hoop, all of which can be picked up for less than a fiver.



When was the last time you picked up a brush? I’m guessing for most people it was art class in school. I really encourage you to give it a go, there’s something quite therapeutic about gliding the paint across a page. It doesn’t matter if you’re not good, just do it for the fun of it! The more you practice the better you’ll get.


Make a Scrapbook

Why not use this free time to create a scrapbook? It’s a lovely way to preserve a physical record of your memories in a creative and unique way. Instead of just having a pile of photos left in a drawer, it brings together a collection of art, photos, notes, tickets and any other mementos that you can look back on. You could also make one filled with pics of you and a friend as a great personalised gift for them.


DIY Room Decor

You’re probably spending a lot more time than usual in your room, so you might as well make it look nice! There are so many ways to personalise your room, ranging from complex DIY projects to simple decorations using things you already have lying around at home. Have a look on pinterest or youtube for some inspiration. Something I’ve been really enjoying during lockdown is making pom poms and hanging them into garlands to decorate my room. It’s so easy and makes for a calming and relaxing way to spend your time. I also cut some stars out of gold card and stuck them on my wall to add a bit of shimmer to a dull corner.


Homemade Candles

Candles bring a lovely atmosphere to any room, but I bet you haven’t tried making your own. It’s really easy and a great way to reuse glass jars! You can add essential oils to give it a lovely fragrance, or dried flower petals for decoration that makes a great gift for friends. 


Make your own notebooks

During this unsettling time, I’ve been doing a lot of journaling to write down my thoughts and look after my mental health. I also love drawing to take my mind off things. You could take it one step further and create your own notebooks. I just cut and folded some paper, used pasteboard to make the cover and thread it together using a saddle stitch. Decorate the cover however you like.


Rework your old clothes

Lots of us have been doing a clear out during lockdown, but only 10% of clothes people donate to charity shops get sold, the rest goes to landfill (source: 1 Million women). All it takes is a few youtube videos to learn how to bring some new life back into your old clothes! Reworking your clothes extends the life of your wardrobe and is much better for the environment. You could crop some old t shirts, or turn the fabric into scrunchies, a different piece of clothing, or even some cleaning cloths. Another fun idea is to tie dye some plain t shirts. Get creative with it, the options are endless!

Hopefully one of these ideas sparks some inspiration for you. If you see something you’d like to try, I really recommend watching some youtube videos to learn the basics. If you’d like to see more of my creations, feel free to follow my art instagram account where I’ll be posting more of my work @calsiecreates

If you decide to try any of these ideas, please share it with me, I’d love to see what you make! 

(all photos used in this blog post are my own)

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