A completely honest account of second year

I’ve learnt a ridiculous amount from this whirlwind university year to fit everything into one blog post. Arguably, some of the most important things I’ve learnt have had absolutely nothing to do with my degree at all. This seems strange considering English Literature is, essentially, my purpose for being in Sheffield. But anyone who has been to university can tell you that the degree is only one aspect of a much larger experience. Continue reading

Self care is a wonderful thing

Last week I reached a point where reality could only be described as one of the following: bleak, stressful, futile, dismal or grim. I may have gone a bit wild with the synonym button but you get the idea. I had deadlines looming, four long shifts at work and my personal life seemed to busier than ever. Top this off with an unexpected spring cold and you have yourself a pretty miserable student. Continue reading

Kate Nash and her fabulous floral unitard

It’s been just over a week since I saw Kate Nash perform at The Leadmill and I’m still Merry Happy from what was, undoubtedly, one of the best gigs I’ve been to since moving to Sheffield (there was an excellent Kate Nash pun in there just in case you missed it). Recall your favourite gig memory, times it by ten, add an all-female band and a multi-coloured unitard and here you have my Thursday night. Can you tell I’m still not over it? Continue reading

Take me to a happy place

I look forward to the years when I can actually appreciate January by filling my time with good books and a perpetual cycle of tea and biscuits. However, being a student, this is not the case. It’s exam season *deep breaths* which means that revision is, for most of us, completely unavoidable. I can’t so much as go to the pub for one harmless drink without feeling a pang of guilt strike me after a few sips of ale. Continue reading

December already?

‘Where has this year gone?’ I ask myself on average about four times a day. If life were like a film this would be the part where the student looks thoughtfully into the distance, and a montage of the last twelve months flashes hazily before their eyes.

December is finally upon us, and thanks to the Marks & Spenser’s Christmas advert, I’m finding it hard to contain my festive excitement. Students from all over Endcliffe and Ranmoor will soon be rushing to Pound World in search of tinsel, lights and a “it’ll do” size Christmas tree to adorn their flat kitchen. (Good luck finding somewhere to fit it) Continue reading

The Great Escape Game – will you survive?

There are very few moments in which you can say you’ve been blindfolded, handcuffed and led into a blood splattered room without causing alarm and raising several eyebrows. Yet here I am, perfectly fine, and somewhat proud after completing The Great Escape game in Sheffield. Me and five of my flat mates were given fifty minutes to solve a series of puzzles, and break out of a “murderer’s” basement before we became his next bunch of victims. (Cue the scary music) Continue reading