Realistic study advice for unmotivated students

I’ve received loads of advice and watched a bunch of videos online on how to become a more productive student but, all of them seemed to have one requirement: an insane work ethic! If you’re like me, I’m a slacker and I realised that those tips do not apply to me. I’d procrastinate by watching videos on “how to stop procrastinating,” then read the comments on other people procrastinating to feel better about myself procrastinating. After watching these videos, I’d feel great and pretend to be this motivated person for a hot minute. I wasn’t following the advice they were giving me because it is unpleasantly difficult! Let’s be real, it can be hard to get out of bed. With my experience of getting into this Russell Group University, surviving first-year, and having my first mental breakdown after 1 assignment, I feel like I have the credentials to give you some of my advice!

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