Spring is coming, let’s go visit Chatsworth House!

Last week, some of my friends came to Sheffield from London and Edinburgh to visit the Chatsworth House with me.

The Chatsworth House is quite famous among Chinese people, especially Chinese movie fans because of Pride and Prejudice. Chinese visitors usually prefer to call it “Darcy’s House” instead of the Chatsworth House, which sometimes twisted our tongues, and even when we got on the bus, one of my friends asked me in a whisper that why she could not see a stop called “Darcy’s House”.  Continue reading

Do some voluntary work!

As a taught postgraduate student, I have only one year to study in the UK, so at the beginning of this semester, I decided to seize chances to try something new here.

It was then that I noticed the voluntary week and was attracted by a variety of interesting programs like gardening, telling stories to the children, volunteering in a theatre, etc. I opted for two programs – one was ‘A Night at the Theatre’, and another was the Big Dig. Continue reading

Engagement and Enjoyment

After all of my first semester assignments  were marked, I rethought a lot about the meaning of studying here. The grades were not bad, probably higher than the average but not the top. But actually, I have never cared about the scores or ranks since I was very little. I felt satisfied just in that I enjoyed the study of last semester and the results turned out not bad, which increases my confidence of applying for a further PhD in the future. Continue reading

Making friends around the world

All international students, especially Chinese students, may share the same trouble as me. When we’re studying abroad, we want to make friends not from our own country so we can polish our English and enjoy different cultures. But things turn out to be not that easy. As there are a large number of Chinese students here, we can communicate with the language that we are familiar with, so many of the Chinese students tend to make friends from China, even from the same province. Continue reading