The inevitable realities of third year

There is something rather enjoyable, for me anyway, about sitting and watching the world go by. People getting on with their daily lives whatever they may be up to and wherever this may lead. As I write I am sat doing exactly that. With a Costa in one hand I am currently sat waiting for my train home from London having just endured another reality of third year: a job interview. Having to accept the inevitable reality that I need to leave the bubble of university really hit home as I travelled down to London in the early hours of this morning (and that’s not just student early, I mean 6:30am)! Continue reading

Student food: Is it possible to not miss home cooking at uni?

One of best things about going home, hands down, has to be my mums cooking, but seeing as though it isn’t possible to go home for dinner every night, adjusting to cooking meals for one at uni became one of my first challenges. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking and I class myself as above average when it comes to what I end up eating but it was definitely an adjustment. Continue reading

Who says students are all the same?

Moving to university, away from your family and friends and what you are used to, is quite frankly one of the most daunting experiences of your life. Will you fit in? Will you make friends on your course? What will you do if you don’t? These all seem to be questions that everyone asks before moving out and venturing into the world that is student life! I asked myself exactly these things and now at the beginning of my final year it just seems a bit crazy that I fixated on them so much! Continue reading