24 Hour Inspire

When I’ve told my family that I’m going to stay awake and volunteer for 24 hours for an event, they told me that I’m crazy. And you know what? Maybe I was. After all the energy drinks and sweets, my body still gave up at hour 23 and I had to go home and rest, missing the grand finale. But those 23 hours were totally worth it. Continue reading

Why did I choose Sheffield again?

It’s that time of the year, end of February, almost going onto March, when students start wondering: should I apply for a Masters or not? Or, at least, this was me last year, so time for reminiscing with a oldie goldie question: why did I choose Sheffield again?

When I was a fresher, I used to be asked all the time why I chose to study in Sheffield. And I used to invoke all the “prospectus” type reasons: Russell Group University, top league for my Department, number one Students’ Union, green city, safe city, cheap city, not too North, not too South, a friendly place, had friends here. Sometimes I would raise my shoulders and say: just had a hunch? Continue reading

Haven’t started any of your resolutions or plans in January? Here’s what to do

In my last post, The truth about New Year’s Resolutions, I have talked about creating meaningful resolutions for the following year. And, regardless of whether you followed any of my suggestions, if you are anything like me, you might have found yourself staring at the calendar, realising it’s January 31st and thinking: “Goodbye Jan and goodbye resolutions. I got just enough time to do nothing in between post-New Year overeating, exams stress and working”. Continue reading

The truth about New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas cards, Christmas jumpers, tinsel everywhere, early pay checks pre-post-Christmas-bankruptcy, the occasional Scrooge moods, guilt-driven holiday planning over whom to spend more time with (your friends, your family, your dog?), guilt-driven overeating, daily greeting everyone with a cheery ‘it’s bloody freezing’, wishing for snow (but not really) and taking time for self-reflection and writing up New Year’s Resolutions.

Continue reading

What does homesickness feel like?

It was around 6pm in the evening, when I heard a knock on my door. I put my headphones down and went to answer. Maria, one of my flatmates, asked me in a worried voice: ‘Are you ok? My mom stayed in the house today. She said she heard crying from your room. Can I help with anything?’ I instantly felt my temperature rising and my cheeks turning red. ‘No, I’m fine, don’t worry’, I said in a rush, and then I closed the door as fast as I could after whispering a sort of thanks. Continue reading