Ladies day 2016

On Wednesday, I took part in Ladies Day at the Goodwin top pitches. For those of you who maybe wondered why there were so many people walking around campus in sports gear, Ladies Day involved women from several of the University’s sports teams getting involved and giving new team sports a go in order to raise money for empowering women. From football and touch rugby, to netball and lacrosse the day offered the chance to give six sports a go in total. With around 150 of us getting involved, this was the most successful Ladies Day to date! Continue reading

Looking back on second year, and looking forward to my third

Second year at University is a bit of a strange, limbo phase. Everyone freaks out that their work now counts toward their final degree classification, meanwhile third years look back on second year fondly, seemingly proving that the worst is yet to come.

Nonetheless, here’s a look back at what I’ve learnt during my second year and what I hope to achieve in my third year: Continue reading

Positive procrastination – a guide to surviving the exam period

Exam season is drawing ever nearer, and as the stress of trying to find a seat in the library mounts, it can be easy to forget that we live in a great city. Obviously final assignments and exams are, as they should be, at the top of everybody’s priorities at the moment, but that’s not to say that there aren’t little things we can all do to enjoy what little remains of the academic year. Continue reading

Things to do in Sheffield

Devonshire quarter runs parallel to West Street and it has fast become one of my favourite places to shop and eat in Sheffield. Having just entered my second year here at the University I have found that the days of going out clubbing several times a week seem to be a thing of the past. That being said, there is definitely still time for eating out, going for coffee and cocktails which is why you should definitely check out what Division and Devonshire Street have to offer. Continue reading