How joining Forge Press changed my future career

Back when I was in sixth form, anxiously shifting through a mountain of university prospectus trying to decide which university was for me; I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future career.

All I knew was that I loved politics. I lived and breathed it. I used to read all the newspapers, watch all the political shows and share tonnes of online posts and blogs about recent political events. Continue reading

University goes way too fast

As I began my third and final year at university, there were a number of things that suddenly struck me.

First, How could I be in my last year of university already? It seemed like just yesterday I was waving to my parents as their car drove out of Endcliffe, sat in the kitchen awkwardly trying to make small talk with my flat mates, struggling to work out the washing machine and realising that I was going to cook pasta for the rest of my life. Continue reading