Writing a dissertation

Dissertation – one word that strikes fear into the hearts of all students (unless you’re lucky enough to do a course that doesn’t require one). Yet the process of writing your dissertation does not need to be arduous, it can actually be a fun and rewarding experience if proper planning is utilised. Here are my top tips on how to properly prepare to write your dissertation: Continue reading

The struggles of an introvert whilst at university

Reflecting upon my past three years at university, it’s hard to believe the difference between now and my first day of fresher’s week. Whilst the prospect of going to uni was exciting and a new chapter in my life, as an introvert the prospect of having to immerse myself in a new social scene terrified me. What if I didn’t make any new friends? What if I had to drop out? These anxieties were not helped when I arrived late and irrationally assumed everyone in my group would have made friends already. Continue reading

Dating and Christmas: the perfect gift?

A relatively new dilemma for me this Christmas has been the art of gift giving for someone you’ve been dating for a few months, and therefore are trying to find the right balance of finding a thoughtful gift without going over the top. Navigating this line can be tricky, as you’re still getting to know the person but at the same time you want to get them something they’ll appreciate and use. Here are my suggestions for affordable yet personal gifts that the new person in your life will enjoy. Continue reading

The foolproof guide to student housing

It’s that time of year, the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, winter is rapidly approaching and all thoughts of outside drinking become nothing more than distant summer memories. You’ve finally begun to settle into the university lifestyle, getting to grips with your course and starting to forge what may be the beginning of some lifelong friendships, and then as suddenly as this new-found peace begins it ends with November and the sudden frantic rush to acquire a house for second year. Continue reading