My great experience working with Press Association news agency

We all rely on the media to keep up to date with the society and the world. With a plethora of every day information flooding towards us, how do traditional news media continue to act as ‘information gatekeepers’ to provide us with accurate, instant and topical issues for discussions and decision-making?

One way mainstream media outlets like the BBC and the Guardian will get their stories from Newswire agencies. They provide multimedia contents and services to agencies to tell stories. Some of the more recognisable agencies include Reuters and AFP.

As for the UK, the leading national news provider is Press Association (PA). The agency provides content ranging from national news, parliament, crime, sport, entertainment to feature. The agency also has local newsrooms across the UK to produce local contents.

As part of my work placement, I spent one week with PA News in London and unveiled the excitement of working in a newsroom. Continue reading

National societies are the bridge between home students and international students

International cultural evening, world food festivals… These events are the showcase of different cultures by students from different countries.

Most of these events are coordinated by International Students Committee which represents the welfare of international students and organises activities that promote and celebrate international culture. Continue reading

A world of 10bn extension – heading to a SURE summer research programme

One of the key functions of academic research is to address issues in the future. After participating in an eye-opening academic programme, the 10bn course, blended with my second-year degree, I gained an insight of how an interdisciplinary research works.

Global population will peak in the next hundred years at around 10 billion, and many global issues can only be solved by the collaboration of different disciplines.
Food, energy, human mobilisation, and justice – how will the future look like or what should the future look like? Continue reading

Ask Your University: a shout out to your study space, student rent and the TEF

The IC toilets are often clogged, all the university computers should install Adobe software… These thoughts are what I expressed this afternoon about the University’s study space.

The Student Union Officers and the University invited students to join an informal round table discussion with university staff during lunch time at the Foundry last Wednesday (15 February). Students were assigned to three different tables to talk about the study space, student rent and the TEF, swapping tables after twenty minutes so that they had the chance to discuss each topic. Continue reading

Christmas destination hot pick: Bakewell

Attention to all international students who are still planing their Christmas Trip! There are loads of Christmas events being held in big cities. But, the entry tickets might cost you a lot, not to mention the food and drinks. Instead, why not consider visiting some English small towns? These places attracts lots of visitors and can also bring you a different festive mood. Worried about the accommodation?  Just 13 miles away  from Sheffield, you can pay a day visit to Bakewell, the old English town that tops the list of The Guardian’s best UK small towns for winter breaks. Continue reading

Moving into private housing

Stepping into my second year, I am more accustomed to my university life as compared to my first year. But, I can still feel a strong difference between them. One of the major differences is the place I live. I am no longer living with a bunch of friends in the student village, having parties all nights and doing crazy things together. I rent a house with two other friends and am starting to acclimatise to loving in a local neighbourhood. Continue reading