Collecting vinyl on a budget in Sheffield

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the so-called Vinyl Revival. Much like the filters of Instagram brought the nostalgic return of the polaroid, the digital wave of music services like Spotify and iTunes, providing instant access to pretty much any song, has led to invigorated sales of physical music in the retro form of the humble LP.

Whether you are a vested supporter of the format for its superior sound quality, or are more into the aesthetic quality a record can bring to interior design (a study for the BBC revealed that almost half of people who buy vinyls haven’t listened to them), LPs are here to stay. If you want a summer project, or to make use of that Crosley turntable you got for Christmas, then look no further. Here are my second-hand record buying tips to help you get the most vinyl for your cash. Continue reading

Politics: it makes sense

First and foremost, I am a student of German. However, it is politics in German history, culture, and society that consistently holds my interest and intellectually excites me. One current political issue causing a tidal wave of change in German politics is the refugee crisis. Angela Merkel, in particular, is under increased scrutiny due to her stance on refugees, and the supposed links between this influx of people in Germany and events publicised within and beyond Germany. This includes the numerous attacks on Women at New Year’s Eve in Cologne and the rise of far-right marches; both are perceived to be contributing to the increasing popularity of the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) political party, with fears that this once euro-sceptic party could mutate into something more sinister. Continue reading

Best of 2015: Learning to Code!

2015 was a year in which I started achieving some real progress in my MA course. I gave my first conference paper at the annual School of Languages and Cultures postgraduate colloquium and I successfully honed my writing skills to produce some top-notch essays for the taught part of my degree.

That all makes me sound like a complete bore, obsessed with my academic work, which I can be most of the time. When you study part-time and work alongside you are ALWAYS tired. Without my passion for my subject I would not be able to motivate myself to hit the books and the laptop, scouring for the umpteenth journal article that week, when all I want to do is relax with some vinyl records and a G&T. That being said, I also like to pursue other interests with the little spare time I allow myself, and at the end of 2015 I was able to cross a long-standing interest off my list: coding. Continue reading

Just like starting over

This academic year marked the start of my second year of my part-time MA. Although I have already completed half of my course, this year has been less like the transition between years I experienced as an undergrad, and more like starting over in the same academic department. I’d like to share what it feels like to be left behind when your full-time coursemates finish before you. Continue reading