Learning to live German

The last time I blogged, I was preparing for my semester abroad in Germany. Now I’ve been living in Cologne for over a month, it’s time for an update.

Whilst I had expected culture shock, the fact is, however much preparation is completed beforehand, nothing can truly prepare you for moving to another country. Studying abroad is all about gaining new life experiences, so this is where no amount of language learning, YouTube watching, or map reading prior to the move can prepare you for what you will experience. Continue reading

Student summer hack

Summer on a student budget can seem tricky. It’s that feeling of wanting to spend money that you probably don’t have, or should either save. But this summer I started to realise that you can use what’s already in front of you, and still have a great break.

Going to uni made me realise that I hadn’t even begun to explore my home city. It had been over ten years since I’d visited Norwich cathedral (the last time being on a school trip). So I started to research my own city (a weird experience when you consider this place ‘home’, having lived here for 18 years), and discovered a lot. Continue reading

The veggie question

It’s almost my one-year anniversary of vegetarianism, and I can say for definite there’s no going back. The questioning I faced coming to uni, and still do, only strengthens my belief that meat-free is the way forward. Here are just some of the comebacks I’ve come across in the many debates I’ve had with meat-eaters over the past year. Continue reading

Part time job: pros

Working part time can sometimes feel like its impacting negatively on your studies, but I believe there are many more positives in earning your own money. Something I first found odd coming to uni was no one had a job, not even during half terms. Whereas, back home, you were the odd one out if you didn’t work.

I’m not saying working part time alongside your studies, even during half terms, is good for everyone, especially depending on contact hours. But I do think it can improve your job prospects after uni, and, as cliché as it may sound, help you develop into a more well-rounded individual. Continue reading

Starting a society – ice skating

Do you have a passion that’s so far been unrecognised by the Students’ Union? Why not create your own society – not only is it a great experience for any future career (and is included on your HEAR), it also allows you to do something you enjoy at uni outside of studying. Or maybe it’s one of your New Year’s Resolutions to try something new.

My flatmates created the Ice Skating Society since they were keen to skate more and buy their own skates. We all skated together as a big group in Fresher’s Week and there was interest from people in our block. Continue reading

Small town to Steel City – moving up

‘You’re moving to a big city and you don’t know anyone there?’ ‘Don’t you know the people up North speak differently?’ ‘You do realise it’s going to be so loud and noisy all the time?’ These are all opinions and questions I faced in the run up to moving to Sheffield from East Anglia. Friends, family, co-workers, even the hairdresser, all arguing they couldn’t do it, they wouldn’t know anyone or their way around. It was almost as if I’d told them I was packing up to fly to Australia alone and never come back. Continue reading