How do I revise again?

A combination of my LOA and my choice in modules second year has meant I’m faced with sitting three-hour long exams when the last exam I sat was in 2015.

Now, I wasn’t at first daunted by this prospect. I remember the days of taking myself to Western Park, sunnies on and my notes in hand, and getting through lots of work easily. I made mind maps, good use of my highlighters and found getting into the routine almost as easy getting up and going to my lectures during term times. (I had 11am’s guys, relax). Continue reading

Easy ways to make money as a student

As far as I’m concerned, as soon as you’ve got that photo printed on your U-card and you are an official member of the student body, you’re now living in a recession. Unless you are fortunate enough to have your bank account frequently supplemented by your parents or whoever, you are going to be wanting to look for some fairly easy ways of bulking your purse up.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have by no means made a fortune and am no expect in business. My overdraft has many a time stretched to what I often feared would be beyond its limits. However, I have during the course of my time at university been able to make some good money without having a ‘proper’ job. Continue reading

Coming back to University after a Leave of Absence

Whether you decided to take a break after first semester of first year or last semester of second year and regardless of how lengthy this period was, resuming back to your studies after a period away (everyone just returning from summer vacation and not a Leave of Absence , do not nod your heads) is a daunting process.  Arguably more daunting than beginning University for the first time. Yes, it is not something completely alien to you, but a lot can change in a few months. 9 to be exact. So, if you read on I’d like to share my personal experience of returning from a LOA (2 weeks in) and little tips on how to make it easier. (Disclaimer: As a humanities student a few of these things may be specific to humanities but most of the tips can apply to all.) Continue reading