Bank holidays

Going through the e-mails that we are being bombed with every day (yes, I actually open all of them), I noticed one that said Sport Sheffield Bank Holiday opening hours. If I actually went to the gym, I would have been genuinely interested to know when I would be able to use it over Easter. Since I don’t, I don’t really care, but another thing caught my eye in that e-mail. So, it seems that all their facilities are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday because they are bank holidays, but on Saturday and Easter Sunday, they are open as normal. So wait, let me get this straight, you are open on Easter Sunday, which is the biggest Christian holiday in the whole year, but you are closed on Easter Monday? Remind me again, what was the big thing that happened on Easter Monday according to the Bible? Exactly, not that much. Everybody was still excited by the Resurrection from the day before. How does that makes sense? Mind you, this is not aimed against Sport Sheffield per se; most things in Britain will work like that this weekend. At least Christmas still counts as a bank holiday…Doesn’t it? Continue reading

What is this language?

I have been learning English since I was eight, and I considered myself quite fluent in it. Well, at least that’s what all the tests said. I grew up watching English-language films and TV series. But, it was only after coming here that I realised that the English I was taught in school and the ‘real-life’ English are two very different things. When I arrived to England for the first time, it took me half an hour to understand what the immigration officer was saying, he must have thought I was an idiot as I kept making him repeat everything he said at least twice. And don’t even get me started on my first coffee buying experience. Continue reading