This is why you should start a research diary now


It allows you to reflect on your work, its fun and it is good practice. Simple.

No matter your field of expertise, ideas are very important. But usually, they go as fast as they come! Keeping a diary will allow you to collect rough ideas that can become future important contributions, strategies or action plans for your project.

Having the big picture of the problem can help you to identify the missing links between ideas. A research diary helps you to gather pieces of information that may bring a new perspective to your project, transforming a simple task such as taking notes into a tool for problem analysis and solving. Continue reading

Sheffield for Instagramers

What if I told you that you live in a place that used to be called the ‘Steel City’, crossed by rivers, full of neo-gothic and contemporary architecture, inhabited by people from many different parts of the world and the cradle of the world’s oldest football club (and The Arctic Monkeys)?

If you are, like me, an enthusiast of sharing your experiences with family and friends through a lens and a smartphone, then this is the post for you! Here, I’ll show you some of my favorite photography techniques to exploit the greatness of Sheffield. At the same time, I’ll share with you some of Sheffield’s great Instagramers.

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3 tips to have a more enjoyable PhD experience


Doing a PhD has been one of the best experiences of my life, and not only because of my research (Design of Soft Robotic Implants for Tissue Regeneration. Amazing, huh?). It is because the whole experience involves meeting new people, going new places and learning many different things. It took me one year to finally decide to start this new endeavour. What helped me to take the final decision? The support of my family and friends. Now that you have taken the decision of starting this new life project, I want to be that friend for you and let you know my top three tips for when you come to study your PhD at The University of Sheffield.

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