My Study Tour in North-East China

As you should know, University always encourages students to do something else besides from your studies. In other words, try to make use of your university life from exploring something new and unique, to broaden your horizon. Last year Christmas, I participated in a study tour in North-East China during the 4-week study break. In this blog, I would like to share with you my travel experience and how I re-define the word “travel”.

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My work experience as a SU Marketing Ambassador

We all know Sheffield Students’ Union has a strong reputation among UK universities which has been vote as the best Student Union in UK over the last 11 years. Thanks to the support from students and the hard effort dedicated from our SU staffs, we are able to keep such record and continue to provide good experience for students.

Our Student Union is divided into different departments and marketing department is one of the major one. Occasionally, they recruit students to work on some student-leading role. In this blog, I would like to share with you my experience from working as a SU Marketing Ambassador.

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What is Global Campus?

Among 28,000 students at the University of Sheffield, we have more than 40% international students from 150 various countries. As a global university, we always hope students have a joyful but productive experience in their university life, absorbing with different cultures by meeting students from different parts in the world. That’s the reason why we have Global Campus which provides a platform for students to gain cultural insights and meet students around the world.

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