Four meat-free meals for meat eaters

Last week Danielle Martin wrote a great post about her transition to vegetarianism, and the challenges she has received about her choices. I thought I’d put together a follow-on post with some meat-free recipe ideas to:

  1. Help people start making changes to their diet if they were inspired by Danielle’s article but don’t know where to start
  2. Give a few ideas to anyone still skeptical – proving it’s not all rabbit food, and providing a few ideas to try – treat this as a challenge!

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Four great Uni-based jobs

The benefits of having a job while at uni are abundant – money, experience, and meeting new people are just a few of them, but one of the major downsides is the time taken away from studying. One great option is to work for the SU or University – there are some really fun and fulfilling jobs around which can be flexible with your schedule, are right on your doorstep, and have supportive, sympathetic employers who understand the pressures of being a student. Continue reading

The transition to a placement year

After finishing third year exams and squeezing in a family holiday, I moved to Manchester for a year placement at an engineering company. As expected, it’s a very different experience from student life in Sheffield, but one I’m glad to be having. There’s a long list of reasons I chose a placement year, including career prospects and applying my degree knowledge. It’s been a big transition with a lot of differences but the odd similarity too. Continue reading