Society highlight

I do not usually write about the societies I have been part of  at university, but the events of the past weekend are worthy of praise. A while ago I made a post on what I like about Model United Nations, a form of structured debate, following similar rules and procedures as the UN committees. In the post I explained what skills you can get and why should students try it. Continue reading

Model UN: My history and why I like it

How I got to MUN:

In my secondary school I was an active debater in my high school’s club. I enjoyed learning more and building arguments, but I also had a taste for the competitive side of it. It came a time when I had to take a break, which unfortunately for me it meant never actually getting back to debate. It is sad, a part of me feels that, but I found something I love just as much, and that made me feel all the better. I found MUN and I never looked back. Continue reading

Exam Tips – How I make my life less miserable in the revision period.

Exams have been the bane of my existence ever since I started school. The reason why is because I have to go through revision. Yes, it is not the exam itself that I hate (although I do have a profound dislike for that as well) but the days leading up to the exam, known as the revision period. I am bad and I admit it, I cannot start studying really early on, I am distracted by a myriad of topics and things  to do. I am the worst type of person when it comes to reading the news, except when I have assignments of any kind. Nevertheless, when I get to the revision stage, this is what helps me cope. Here are my exam/revision tips: Continue reading

Give It a Go

GIAG is an extremely popular programme for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. All the activities listed are affordable and really fun to do.

Personally I enjoyed GIAG events tremendously and I would encourage everyone to take part in them and try their hand at various activities. From events run by societies, to trips around UK, there are so many fun things to try. Continue reading

Sheffield Mini Travel Guide: some of my favourite spots in the city

Sheffield Central Library – Graves Art Gallery

It’s an art gallery and, as a given, I just love art galleries! If you are an art enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy this place. It is incredibly diverse, with pieces ranging from the very classical style of painting to modern art. It is mostly quiet and a good place to reflect and escape from the day-to-day buzz. The best part for me is the small painting by Cezanne, almost hidden in a corner – try finding it, it is there! Continue reading

Facing adulthood: Preparing yourself for the job hunt

The thought of getting a job when I came to university came with two very different emotions:  the excitement of being independent and standing on my own two feet, and the panic of not knowing where to look and what to look for. I found myself hitting a dead end – I knew what I wanted to do, I found the positions that I wanted to apply to, but I did not really know what to do first. “You need to fill out an application” , “you must have your CV prepared”, “send your cover letter” – sentences that came up over and over again, and I was left wondering how a cover letter should look, how to write  a “strong” CV and a how to make a “well prepared” application. Continue reading

Thinking of a summer job? Take a step ahead with the “Skills for Work Certificate”

I am young and probably a child at heart. Actually, it is more like there are two halves fighting for dominance, the child and the adult.

Right now, the adult is writing with advice on how to boost your employability skills while doing that summer job or volunteering project. It is called “Skills for Work Certificate”, and not many have it, which means that if you go for it, you would be one step ahead. Continue reading