Lessons from university and departure thoughts

It is the end of 3 years for me. My course is coming to an end with a graduation ceremony in mid-July, provided that it all goes according to plan. Considering the time, I have decided to write about the things I learnt at university and what I will take with me once I depart from Sheffield. This is based purely on my experience and it is the result of all the activities I have carried out and the things I have done while being a student at the University of Sheffield. Continue reading

Taking advantage of the opportunity: language study at university

In a world in which English has become the lingua franca, knowing it is no longer an advantage. More and more, employers are looking for people who have great language skills are effective communicators in a second or third foreign language.

It is never to late to start and with the right opportunities and determination, you can master a new language. At the University of Sheffield, we are fortunate to have the Languages for All programme. Through it, you have the chance to learn a new language or polish one of the foreign languages you already know. The choice is yours if you want to opt for a clean start or apply your passion to a language you already have some knowledge of. Continue reading

What to do before leaving The University of Sheffield

As I am now about to conclude my third year and graduate from university, I have decided to write about the things that I think would be helpful to do before you leaving university. This relevant for all those finishing their first year and going into their second year and for some of the second years going into their third year.  I have selected three of the experiences, that I believe enhance your CV and that as a student here, you can give a go. I have done them all in one form or another and I have found it incredibly rewarding, which is why I want to share it with you. Continue reading

Model UN: My history and why I like it

How I got to MUN:

In my secondary school I was an active debater in my high school’s club. I enjoyed learning more and building arguments, but I also had a taste for the competitive side of it. It came a time when I had to take a break, which unfortunately for me it meant never actually getting back to debate. It is sad, a part of me feels that, but I found something I love just as much, and that made me feel all the better. I found MUN and I never looked back. Continue reading

How I make my life less miserable in the revision period.

Exams have been the bane of my existence ever since I started school. The reason why is because I have to go through revision. Yes, it is not the exam itself that I hate (although I do have a profound dislike for that as well) but the days leading up to the exam, known as the revision period. I am bad and I admit it, I cannot start studying really early on, I am distracted by a myriad of topics and things  to do. I am the worst type of person when it comes to reading the news, except when I have assignments of any kind. Nevertheless, when I get to the revision stage, this is what helps me cope. Here are my exam/revision tips: Continue reading

Give It a Go

GIAG is an extremely popular programme for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. All the activities listed are affordable and really fun to do.

Personally I enjoyed GIAG events tremendously and I would encourage everyone to take part in them and try their hand at various activities. From events run by societies, to trips around UK, there are so many fun things to try. Continue reading