A year on from graduation

It’s almost a year since I graduated from my degree in English Language and Linguistics.  It feels like just yesterday I was holding my degree in my hand and I remember it feeling like such a strange concept.  That piece of paper represented my three hard working years at Sheffield (with a few trips to Corp in between) and there really is no way to describe what that feels like, which isn’t very good for an English Language graduate, is it?!  I’m now waiting for the Facebook Memories to bring out the pictures in a few days, featuring the many attempts of my friends and I trying to throw our grad caps successfully into the air.

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PR in the Steel City

As an English Language and Linguistics graduate, the first assumption people made when I first met them was that I’m going to be a teacher. There were times prior to my graduation where I would come up blank with ideas of what to do after university. Fast forward six months, I’m back in the city that was once my second home, sitting in HR Media’s office on my second internship in PR. Continue reading

So long, farewell…

So on May 27th I officially finished my degree in English Language and Linguistics and yes it has indeed flown by! Do I know what I’ll be doing in 3 months?  Absolutely not!  But I’m not going to let that phase me because I definitely need a break.  Some “me” time is needed and there’s nothing wrong with that.  There’s a lot of us out there about to graduate this summer and some of us don’t know what’s around the corner.  I know not being at uni anymore will hit me soon, especially when September comes around and I’m not packing my parents’ car full to the brim to head back to Sheffield.  That’s when it will feel very real.  Of course graduation is proof enough that I’m not going back but uni has been my life for the last 3 years, there’s no denying that it’s going to feel weird. Continue reading

The show must go on: part two

So my first blog post for ‘We are Sheffield students’ was about being a part of the Open Space society.  We’ve recently appointed a new committee for the next academic year, it was touch and go on whether we would find anyone but we managed!  A new committee to carry the torch for us! I was told by the new treasurer that Open Space won’t be the same without me, that is obviously an amazing compliment but I think each year something new is brought to the table (or mic) and that’s what makes it so exciting. Continue reading

Sunny days and library spaces

So you’ve just had your morning lecture, you’re feeling motivated (hopefully) and ready to continue your day at the library.  You grab a John’s Van butty because lately these are the only highlights of the week (oh third year).  Upon arriving at The Diamond, you’ve got in your head the perfect spot to do work.  You wonder up to your desired booth only to find it’s a full house.  I think this needs to be addressed.  A traffic light system above it that goes red when it’s occupied to save us all from the let-down and the stares from the people sat in them (they must have been there from 7am). Continue reading

Now what?

So here I am in the second week of my last semester. I’m sat here in the Diamond thinking what will I do when I leave this amazing city?  The question in the minds of a lot of finalists right now, I’m sure.  University life can be taxing enough at times trying to juggle all the different elements,  but adding job hunting to that list is a difficult one.  I mean it’s not quite like being a kid when you knew exactly what you’d be…I don’t think there’s a grad scheme for being a rockstar!  I feel bittersweet at the moment, thinking about finishing this year is sad, but I’m also excited. Continue reading

The show must go on

I remember when I was in my first year I desperately wanted to get involved with an open mic. Before I started uni, music would always be a part of my everyday routine in the form of singing, playing the piano and or collaborating with other people. I became aware of Open Space Society which held a weekly open mic but I never had the confidence to pursue it or to reach out to other musicians. Continue reading