Taking a break in Sheffield

A couple of weeks ago I handed in the last of my essays for the semester. Nearly five years on from when I first came to the University of Sheffield, I feel as though I almost perfected the art of being too busy. I have to work to keep myself fed, so I have had no choice but to juggle a solid 16-hour week with my studies and STAR. I always knew that with good organisation, this can be done. What I didn’t realise was how important it was to factor in time off and time socializing in my schedule. This semester I made it a point to leave myself at least a day a week completely free – one of the best decisions I have made. Taking an obligatory day out a week meant that I had to do a little bit more every other day to compensate. But found that I felt a lot more in control of my chaotic life just by taking a day out a week from it all. Continue reading

Speaking up

It’s OK to talk to people you don’t know (yet), in fact it can be quite fun.

It’s OK to tell someone if something is bothering you, like that really loud phone conversation they’re having in the silent study area.

It’s OK to complain sometimes.

These are the most valuable things I learnt on my Year Abroad. I went there expecting to come back with much better spoken French, I went there expecting to see more of France and of Europe. What I didn’t expect was to learn how to be more confident in myself and what I have to say. Continue reading

Why join a student society?

Why you should join a student society?

Becoming involved in and eventually joining the committee of a student society, STAR (Student Action for Refugees), was one of the best decisions I have made at university. The University of Sheffield has an overwhelming number of societies, from the Tea Society (where you get to drink tea) to GraphCAD (where you learn how to use AutoCAD). You’re bound to find something you want to be part of, and if not you only need 3-4 members to start your own society.

Here are some of the reasons I think everyone should get involved in a student society. Continue reading

Sprouts for Christmas?

The days have been getting shorter and darker, everything has been getting grayer – not always a bad thing –

Image 1

I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get up in the mornings and to convince myself to walk home rather than sit in a warm dry bus… mmm…

But this can all only mean one thing, term is coming to an end and Christmas is on its way. The end of term for me means innumerable Christmas meals and drinks and all sorts of dos. Continue reading

Sun and mandarins in Sheffield

Eight weeks in and I still don’t quite believe I am an actual master’s student at Sheffield. True to form, I’m suddenly busy again – don’t be fooled by my 3.5 hours contact time every week!

Busy is how I like things, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still take the time to appreciate things. Here’s some gorgeous berries that brightened up my morning on the way to the IC the other day :


I also refuse to let it stop me from cooking most of my meals myself. Beautiful weather helps with this goal too. Who would have expected such lovely weather at the end of September and into October and still making appearances towards the end of November, in Sheffield!? Continue reading