The student employee of the year awards

As a student with a part time job, I thought I’d write a post about something that not enough students know about – The Student Employee of the Year Awards. I’ve worked all sorts of jobs in my three years at here at university, from representing Virgin Media as a brand ambassador to waitressing to being a student caller from the Alumni Fund. There are so many great things about having a part time job, especially if like me your course isn’t too contact heavy (I do English Literature). Continue reading

My life as a Student Caller

Last year I worked as a student caller raising money for the University of Sheffield Alumni Fund. Although you might not be immediately familiar with the Alumni Fund, as a student you will definitely have experienced some of the good things it does for our university. Not only does it fund scholarships and bursaries, it also gives societies and departments money in order to improve both experience and equipment. If you’ve ever been to the IC (which hopefully you have!) – This was equipped by donations to the Alumni Fund. Continue reading