Things to definitely not do when trying to revise

Term is slowly yet surely coming to an end and if you’re like me, who has still not sat any exams yet, it’s becoming a struggle to concentrate on revision. The weather has been unusually hot, friends from home had their exams weeks ago, and the temptation to just ditch everything and go home is all too real. But NO. The days until the freedom of summer can nearly be counted down on one hand. Just one more week to stay focused and in order to do that, here is a list of things you should definitely not do when trying to get some hours of revision in. A list of things which I have done a number of times in order to perfect the art of procrastination. Continue reading

What I’ve learnt in my first semester at uni: a compendium

Almost semester ago I moved slightly more down south from Newcastle to Sheffield in order to study English literature. From the moment I sent off my UCAS form (what feels like about 300 years ago now) I completely underestimated how hard the first few weeks were going to be, but I also underestimated how much I’d learn and how much I’d change as a person because of it. My first semester was definitely a very up-and-down experience, but somehow, I managed to pull through and survive. Continue reading

How to cope with being a neat freak in student halls

Before I started living in uni halls, I did not realise how pedantic I was about cleanliness. Living in a place where my parents did most of the housework was something I seriously took for granted, and it was only when I was taken out of that environment that I noticed how much I liked order and general tidiness. Going from that, to sharing a flat with other teenagers, definitely brought out the neat freak within me – mostly because now if dishes are left on the draining board, they won’t magically disappear the next day. They will fester. And even if you do all your own washing, it doesn’t mean your housemates are as bothered as you about it building it up and causing a disgusting smell. Continue reading