April already?

I know it’s a cliche – but where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I started this journey and I can’t believe so much has happened. So, after my underwear debacle on day 1 things did indeed get better – thank goodness! In some part due to me liberating myself from the anxiety around being so OLD. I’ve found that nobody cares how old I am, or what I’m wearing or whether I had time to stick a bit of make up on or not – and that’s fabulous! I have felt free to revert back to my own particular brand of hippiness except I’m leaving out the patchouli oil these days and going for a slightly less eye watering pong from Lush called Karma (of course!)

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First day, first blog!

 So, here I am – first day of University, and as a mature student, something I’ve been waiting to experience for a very long time. I’m excited!

Mature students have a raft of things going on in their heads that students straight from A levels – hopefully – don’t have to think about. For me it was walking the dog, feeding the menagerie we live with, making breakfast for and getting youngest child off to school and that’s on top of having the right stuff, wearing not too embarrassing clothes and finding the right building.  Continue reading