Put down your phone and face reality

Why don’t we ever want to be completely alone? And I don’t mean alone as in physically on your own, but alone without being constantly connected to other people – without our phones, tablets, Facebook, Soundcloud, WhatsApp or Twitter. We say ‘me time’ but really it’s me and the dozen other people I choose to chat to whilst I’m having a bath or getting an early night. Continue reading

Final year fear

Final year comes around a lot quicker than expected. One minute you’re a novice first year and you don’t want to go home even when it’s the summer holidays because you love student life and all that comes with it. And the next minute, you’re a final year and you still don’t want to go home during the summer holidays because you want to soak up student life as much as you can. Continue reading

I’ve caught feelings for Sheffield

You’ll feel oddly attached to whichever university you choose to attend. It’s a rooted, emotional and perpetual feeling. I know that sounds weird, it’s not as if your university is your life long partner, nor is the attachment reciprocated because well, it’s an institution not a human being or a dog. But trust me, your relationship with your university cannot be ‘no strings attached’ – you will fall in love. Continue reading