My SURE experience

Applications for the SURE scheme are open and its deadline has been extended until the 7 April. The University does its best to advertise the scheme and students will have received a mass email explaining how it works but many remain unaware of what it involves. Having partaken in the scheme, I thought sharing my experience of what SURE involved for me, could be helpful to those who are considering applying.

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Why I recommend Intra Mural sport

I’m not a natural athlete and I never really have been. This is why I was reluctant to try my hand at sports when I first came to university. I knew I wasn’t good enough at any sport to join a uni team and even if I were, I was a fresher far too intimidated by the thought of attending trials anyhow. For these reasons, I bypassed sports completely. I didn’t know what Intra Mural (IM) was and it wasn’t until it was too late in the year to join, that I discovered it.
This meant that during my first year, my only exercise consisted of the walk to and from Ranmoor to uni and whilst this felt like enough of a workout, I was well aware that I should be doing more. In a bid to change my ways in my second year, I decided to try give IM a try.

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Students, their phones and a social media cleanse

Social media cleanses, we all know what they are, but we are all reluctant to try one. Or we don’t think we’re in need of one. Some people are addicted to their phones, but we deny that we ourselves are. In the minds of many, social media cleanses are for the hopeless, the radicals, and the down right crazy. They’re not for the likes of us, or at least they weren’t for the likes of me.

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Let’s try being green in 2019

I’ve never cared as much as I should about the environment. As a student in Sheffield, it’s easy to feel removed from the climatic changes occurring across the globe. However, the increased charge of 5p for plastic bags, the commotion regarding Iceland’s banned advert which drew attention to the dangers of using palm oil and the harrowing images of plastic waste caught around the necks of animals circulating Facebook, have brought the environment knocking on my door.


Photo: Huffington Post

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A week of Residence Life

Residence Life. It’s a concept every University of Sheffield student is familiar with. And if you’re not? Then shame on you for neglecting the brochure you were given the day you moved into halls. Residence Life allows university students to attend sport sessions and activities for free. This privilege, however, is only valid for your first year of uni of which I realised until it was almost too late.

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