Across borders

#We are international – you see it everywhere across campus. The University of Sheffield not only embraces diversity and cross cultural communication, it celebrates it! The #We are international campaign is one of the many reasons why I love this university. I feel so blessed every time I think about the wonderful people that I have met from around the world whilst studying here, including my Chinese boyfriend, with whom I travelled to China with this summer to meet his extended family! My trip to China or 中国 was a unique and interesting experience to be sure, so I have decided to write two blogs on my experience of China from two different perspectives, as I believe that I experienced China in two very different ways as I had the added benefit of knowing a local.

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Exams are officially over!

Exams are over, what now?

Exam season has come to an end so the outstanding question facing Sheffield’s student body is what to do now that exams are over. Perhaps you are keen to return home after a long semester or better yet you might have exotic travel plans awaiting you. However, Sheffield is a fun place to explore, so it might be worth sticking around for a while before heading back home for the summer. Keep reading for my recommendations on where to go and what to do in Sheffield before calling it a wrap. At any rate at least, it is time to wash the pigsty you call a house in preparation for moving day (you know who you are) and get ready to have some ‘fun in the sun now that all the hard work, work is done’…yes I went there. This Wildcat is still going strong.

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Early morning wake up call

So it’s that time of year again. Exams are fast approaching and you are well prepared, right? You have been attending all of your lectures, all of those extremely insightful seminars or tutorials of yours and of course you are on top of the reading. You are being a good student instead of scrolling through student problems laughing to yourself about how relatable they are to your current situation. Am I right or am I right? Wait… maybe I am not actually correct? Imagine that! All joking aside, here is your early morning wake up call to get you back on track, as I know some people have fallen behind along the way. I shall attempt to inspire all of those struggling during this sad time in our student lives. I cordially invite you all to join ‘Hagan’s Academic Cult’. Continue reading if interested. Continue reading