Combat the stress of final year with a ‘Sheffield Bucket List’

Third year – or whichever year your final year happens to be – is a year full of stress and anxiety, but also an exciting year.

The stress of this final year comes from the always underlying panic of deadlines and exams, ones which are now double weighted and will affect your degree classification. There’s also the stress of what to do after uni is over – do you leave or stay? Do you do a masters or get a job? What if none of these things work out? All of these thoughts will race through every final year student’s mind at some point, even if they think they are the only one stressing. Continue reading

Deciding on whether to do a dissertation?

As an English Literature student, I didn’t have to do a dissertation. If I did do one, I wouldn’t get as much guidance while writing 10,000 words compared to someone writing a 4000 essay who was also going to lectures and seminars, only to end up with the same 20 credits they would also receive. For many doing English Lit, this was a reason to not do one. There were quite a few of us however, who decided to do a dissertation anyway. Continue reading

Goodbye Sheffield – but hopefully not forever!

A running theme in the majority of the blog posts I have written has been how much I absolutely love Sheffield.

Moving from Belfast to Sheffield with little knowledge of the city was terrifying, and yet not once in three years have I ever regretted my decision. As soon as I arrived off the tram at the uni in April 2014 at my open day, I knew immediately that I wanted to go here. That feeling only became more intense, and more certain as I found out more about my course, saw Endcliffe Village, and toured other parts of the uni. I can remember everything about that day so vividly. Continue reading

Gap year

Having recently began my final semester of uni, myself and a lot of my friends are wondering what the next step is. Despite some having future plans set in place, the majority of people I know don’t have concrete plans for next year and are really just waiting to see where the wind takes them. Of the people who aren’t planning on doing a postgrad degree or working, many are considering a gap year- something I am a big supporter of. Continue reading

Dealing with anxiety at university

Having suffered from anxiety since I was a child, it has affected my everyday life for as long as I can remember. Things that should have been exciting and enjoyable were often dreaded experiences that caused days of agonising over whether or not to go – from birthday parties, to the local youth club disco to even going to school if I was going to have to do a presentation, or group work. Continue reading

Being on a university committee

I would be the first to admit that I am not an outgoing person, but a proud introvert who would much rather listen and think, than shout my opinion to the crowd. That being said, at the end of my first year, I decided to run for a committee position. I had been going to yoga classes with the Yoga and Pilates Society for a few months, and when they mentioned they had roles on the committee to be filled, I figured that I wanted to help out the society that had organised the classes which really helped me de-stress and keep my mind a little more focused. Continue reading

Why it’s okay to change at uni

There are few places better than University to expand your friendship group and to really broaden your experiences within other cultures. While this is a great opportunity, definitely not one to turn your back on, it can be difficult to remember who you were before you became this mix of your flatmates and new friends.

You’ll suddenly start using new slang that will leave your home town friends baffled, your taste in music could change and – an almost inconceivable idea to a girl from Belfast – you will start wearing trainers everywhere and think it’s okay. Continue reading