Finding the right part-time job

I have worked in many weird and wonderful jobs in the past from a paper factory, to a Chinese takeaway – but an exhibition assistant? I did not see that one coming.

When I came to Sheffield as a fresher in 2014 one of the first things on my to-do list after a week of partying was the dreaded job hunt. I went to the careers fair, applied online at various pubs and clubs and finally landed myself part time work in a kitchen in the November. My job gave me an escape from University life and the chance to meet new friends. I think that it is easy to feel overwhelmed in your first year, especially living in University accommodation, surrounded solely by students. Part time work can offer some much needed balance. Continue reading

We’re halfway there…

It’s that time of the term again – the middle of the semester, which for most students involves an overload of assignments. As a third year English literature student, I have written countless essays throughout my time at University and yet the process of researching, planning, drafting and eventually coming up with a finished piece of work still doesn’t come second nature to me, nor will it ever. And if you’re reading this, perhaps as a form of procrastination for an assignment of your own, be assured there is a vast body of students out there suffering from a similar case of mid-term blues. Week seven always seems to be the pivotal point for myself – last week I was suddenly confronted with three assignments, each demanding plenty of attention, and each equally perplexing to my bewildered self. So to help contend with the rising pressures, here’s some tips to take the edge off the deadlines. Continue reading