It’s that time of the year again…

 The most dreadful time of the university year, the month we don’t see coming, and then BAM, it’s here (Week 11 already?). As a student, no doubt this is one of the most stressful times of the year, somehow more so than January.  The anticipation for summer holidays, the realisation of university coming to an end for some of you, first year coming to an end for others. But hey… at least the weather will better during exams – also not the best thing. How do they expect us to be sitting in the library the whole day, or doing an exam, when it’s bright and sunny outside?

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Putting the ‘pro’ in procrastinate

Have you ever got stressed for assignments whilst watching Netflix, knowing you should be doing your assignment instead, but you feel like you cannot stop procrastinating and that stresses you out even more? It’s also known as the procrastination doom loop that sends us spiraling.

Procrastination literally means “put off till tomorrow” in Latin. Which is what we all probably say when we have that lecture to go through, or finish that assignment, or maybe even just start the assignment!

Personally, the sudden uncontrolled freedom of university has its advantages, but one of the disadvantages is when I put off things for “later”, and end up doing absolutely nothing. Weeks fly past me, as I binge watch on Netflix, do nothing most of the day, and then find myself stressing over everything when it is two weeks until exams. It can’t just be me feeling this way, right?

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My hunt for veggie/vegan brunches in Sheffield

I have been here 2 years and I always seem to be stumbling upon these small, cute and quirky restaurants around Sheff. The best part about it is, they serve delicious, Instagram-worthy, vegetarian/vegan food. The veggie scene here is booming! Most of these places are open during the day, and would be the best for a yummy Sunday brunch. If your idea of brunch involves pancakes, funky toasts, rainbow bowls, waffles, flowers in your food (crazy right?) I’ve got you covered! Besides, who can say no to those aesthetic looking meals?

alssyum 2

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