A study year abroad: it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Hi, it’s Josephine and I’m back! It’s now December!

The weather is turning. Currently, my friends on the Gold Coast are posting glorious pictures on Facebook – I’m beyond jealous. Here a gust of wind will literally knock you off your bike. And to top it off, my exam is cancelled because of the severe snow – fingers crossed my flight on Friday won’t be. It doesn’t help that you can never dress quite warm enough for cycling in the freezing cold – all while trying to achieving the balance needed so you don’t turn up to a lecture in too many layers of clothing, sweating like a pig.

… Anyway, here’s my life update: Continue reading

A study year abroad: fantasy vs. reality

I’m Josephine. 21. Sheffield University law student… but not this year. This year – I’m in Utrecht, in The Netherlands.

You’re probably thinking, where the hell is that? To be honest, I hadn’t heard of it before researching the study abroad placements that Sheffield offers either. At first, most exchange students are attracted to a major capital city like Amsterdam – and initially, I was too – but after spending just one month in a smaller city, I realise that size doesn’t matter. You’re much more likely to get a greater understanding of the culture in a less touristy environment – and it’ll be a lot cheaper! Continue reading