The challenge of learning a third language

I started in October to study a third language with the Modern Languages Teaching Centre. Actually, this is not the first time I have studied a third language: I studied French in school and I lived in the German part of Switzerland for a year, where I started learning German. I say third because as a foreign student from a Spanish speaking country, English is my second language. Continue reading

The Faculty of Science Showcase: a valuable experience

Last Tuesday 17 April the Faculty of Science Showcase – or poster day as most people know it – took place. Showcase is an event in the Octagon where many PhD students from the Faculty of Science present a poster with their work. Everyone can go and take a look at the posters and if it is lucky enough, the author will be there to explain it and answer questions. The presenters are mostly second and third year PhD students, depending on the department. I, as a second year PhD student in the Department of Psychology, had to be there and this is my experience. Continue reading

Quidditch: from Harry Potter to the muggle world

I’ve been playing Quidditch in the Sheffield Quidditch Society for approximately a year, and since I started I’ve lived this conversation a hundred times:

  • Laura, will you come to [insert plan] on Sunday?
  • Sorry, I can’t, I have training/a tournament.
  • Training? What sport do you play?
  • I play Quidditch.
  • Quidditch? The Harry Potter thing?
  • Yes, that one.
  • That has to be fun to see. Do you fly and everything? How does it work?

Continue reading

Is it possible to have a social life while doing a PhD?

I participated as a PhD volunteer in the Faculty of Science induction day. My role as a second-year PhD student was answering the questions from the new PhD students. Most of the questions were similar: How is the first year? Is it difficult to start? How do you cope with your supervisor? How do you pass the confirmation review? And then, one of the last people I talked to asked: IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE WHILE DOING A PhD? Continue reading