First Year: Struggling to Fit in?

Thanks to copious amounts of coffee and energy drink, I have finally handed in all my assessments for this semester! As a final year student, this means that I have only one term of undergraduate life left. Although in recent weeks my life has been characterised by a routine of library going and essay writing, it wasn’t always so. Now that I’ve been dropped into the no-mans-land between finishing one semester and starting another, I’ve been looking back at my first year and how much has changed since then. Continue reading

Volunteering in the Community

I’d had a pretty hectic few months. I arrived at University in September, trudging to my new room with an assortment of suitcases and questionably filled IKEA bags. Anxious at first, I stumbled into University life; the days whirred on through freshers’ fairs, introductory meetings and late night trawls through local bars. Finding that I didn’t click with my flatmates as well as I’d hoped, I went to society meetings by myself, finding friends through my course and, in one much recounted incident, because we were sat near the biscuits at an Amnesty International meeting. Continue reading