‘So, what do you want to do after Uni?’

I think I can speak for a reasonable number of students when I say that there is one question that we all fear and will take ridiculously extreme measures to avoid answering. Such a question may well be a synonym for the plague, as nothing makes us want to make a run for it quite like being asked ‘What do you want to do after Uni?’ And yes, I know that I probably broke the ‘secret’ student code by stating that question. But, I think it is time that you faced your fears too and tackled this question head on! Continue reading

The broke student guide to having fun at uni for free!

Free Gigs!

Photo credit: Dan West

Photo credit: Dan West

Who doesn’t love a good live gig to sway your hips or bang your head to? Well, if you’re that student then Forge Presents is the perfect place to get your hot fix of the best up and coming artists and bands, and all for free! Forge Presents is part of the Forge Media society. And along with it being a free society, it hosts free gigs that cater to every music genre lover, so there is something for everyone. Now, to get all the latest gig news just simply follow them on Twitter or Facebook or simply check their website. Continue reading