Four recipes to get you through first year

So, you’ve been at uni for a couple of weeks now. Realistically you’ve had more than enough pot noodles, ready meals, post night out food and takeaways. Maybe you have received messages from your family asking if you’ve burnt down your kitchen yet and you think back to the blackened toast that set off the smoke alarm. You may have even tried to cook pasta, only to find boiling it in the kettle is not an option. Well do not worry, I have provided 4 tasty and cheap recipes which are easy to cook and will make you feel wholesome in between nights out and long days of lectures. Continue reading

Unsure about postgraduate study? Consider studying part-time!

It’s that time of year when dissertation deadlines are looming, and the pressure is rising with every dreaded question of “so what are you doing next year?”. Trust me, I know how you feel!

A lot of people naturally turn to postgraduate study as it is a logical step in education after an undergraduate degree. However, a lot of people are also put off by the step up in intensity; postgraduate taught degrees run September to September and are 180 credits in comparison to undergraduate degrees which run September to June and are 120 credits, so it’s understandable! Continue reading

On your marks, get set, hitch…?

Hitch? Now I’m not talking about getting married, or that Will Smith film from the noughties, I’m talking about the wonderful crazy experience that is hitch-hiking.

Bummit is the world’s largest student led charity hitch-hike, unique to the University of Sheffield, with an annual hitch-hike in one day within the UK and another annual hitch-hike in nine days across Europe. Bummit comes from “to bum a lift”, hence bum-it. Continue reading

Yes, I’m doing my Psychology Postgrad, no I still can’t read your mind

Picture this:

You’re a Psychology student. It’s Christmas time, food and wine are in full flow, as is the merriment and good cheer, but also the numerous family events. Most of the time you can self-indulge but there’s always the point where you’re met with rather distant one-time-a-year relatives, about whom you know nothing. They hear “university” and they ask, which goes as follows: Continue reading