My first three months as an alumni

So its been three months since I graduated from The University of Sheffield and it still feels so surreal. I’ve experienced some of best moments so far in life while being an undergraduate and I miss every second of it! Last weekend I went back to Sheffield for a weekend and caught up with everyone there and its made me realise that I definitely want to look into doing an MA – I don’t just miss the life there I miss the people, the union and the sights of the city! So, I thought as my first entry as an alumnus I’d go through my advice on adjusting to graduate life for all of you third years who are a bit worried about what to do after this academic year. Continue reading

My last week of University

So, this is my last week of university and so far its been a combination of excitement, fear and denial. When I started my course it wasn’t love at first sight, I found myself at first not really enjoying it and to some degree resenting it; it even got to a stage where I wondered if I would stay in the first few weeks. But it got better, I started to adapt and learn how things worked at this level and accepted that everything I was doing was the other side of the coin to what I’d studied before and I would thank myself for putting the time into understanding it later in life. Now, in my final four days I really don’t want to leave, I’d do it all again if I could! So I thought I’d do a few highlights of my three years at Sheffield to maybe inspire some of you and bring up some of the excellent opportunities here you can get involved in. Continue reading

A third year’s advice on being organised!

So, I’ve had my coursework deadlines set and exam dates for the past few weeks now and once again this has triggered me into ultra organisation mode. Now, I’m not talking just writing a little schedule for the day, I’m talking pure overkill – a person can never be too organised! As you might already have guessed, I like to plan, think through and prepare for situations and this is one of the only things that’s gotten me on top of coursework and exams! So I thought in this entry I’d talk through some of my top tips for staying organised this exam season! Continue reading

Finding the career for you

So, I’ve now gotten halfway through my last term at The University of Sheffield and it dawned upon me a few weeks ago that I should really start looking into what I’m going to do after I graduate. I know we had some career talks at the start of first semester but It didn’t really sink in, “July? Thats ages away, I’ve got plenty of time!”. But here I am – luckily The University of Sheffield has it down in terms of careers help! Continue reading

Dealing with anxiety at university

Anxiety is one of the most common problems that can affect a student at university, whether you have a history of it or it suddenly drops on you out of nowhere. For the past month or so I myself have developed spikes in anxiety. I’ve never really experienced it before, except maybe getting stuck on a train once (which wasn’t fun!). It took control of my life so quickly that, when I tried so hard to think what was wrong with me, it didn’t even register that it could be the issue, so much so it spiked other problems I’ve overcome, such as depression. I couldn’t travel because it caused me to feel horrendously nauseous, I couldn’t go out on a night out with my friends because the anxiety spiked so high that drinking made it worse, and I couldn’t even arrange to meet new clients for my composition company because my mind wouldn’t calm down from panicking about everything that could wrong while meeting up for a cup of tea at a cafe (I mean, I was imagining stupid stuff like “what if I dropped hot tea over them?” or “what if my lighter malfunctioned and set my jeans on fire?”… crazy!). Continue reading

Getting involved in Sheffield’s local music scene

Starting university is a huge transition from your ordinary life. Suddenly you’ve got to consider a whole range of things you might never have thought about before more intensely (getting up on time being one of them!). Being at university brings whole new opportunities to include yourself in new social groups, develop academic/life skills and to change the way you see the world. But the one part of living in a new place that really came to my attention was the thriving music scene. Continue reading