Changing courses

I seem to mention in some of my blogs the fact I changed courses for this year, so I figured why not write about it?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll give you a quick low down. Last year, I was here studying Law and Criminology. I withdrew from university just after Christmas and, as I worked, I reapplied to study Journalism here this year. Continue reading

Getting the most out of first year

Now I’m back in Sheffield and nearing the end of exams, I’m turning my thoughts to getting the most out of the rest of first year. As I was here last year but withdrew at this point, I want to make sure I leave university with no regrets of missed opportunities.

In the first semester I got involved with as much as possible. I signed up for this blog as well as another university blog and a football blog. I joined 3 football teams, rejoined the charity Marrow and the Latin American society. I explored some more of Sheffield and I have even made it to exams this time round! Continue reading

Adopting Sheffield United

First things first, I am a football fanatic and as I arrived at Sheffield I began to grieve having left behind my one true love, my football team, Derby County. Now, I’m from Nottingham, home of the football team Nottingham Forest. Those who know their football will see the controversy here, those who don’t fear not, I shall explain: Nottingham Forest and Derby County are huge rivals so I’m a bit of a maverick.

I had 3 teams to choose from here – Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United or Sheffield FC. I immediately eliminated Sheffield Wednesday; they play in the same division as Derby and have the most expensive tickets – easy decision. Sheffield FC are the oldest football club in the world and play in a very low league so these were tempting as I really wanted to join a club with a smaller fan base  but alas they play near Dronfield and I’m way too lazy to get the train. So by default I was left with Sheffield United. Continue reading