5 restaurants all students need to visit before leaving Sheffield

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m leaving Sheffield for good in just less than a month, and I’m feeling nostalgic. I have a little bit of a bucket list in my head of the things I still need to do prior to my departure. This includes visiting the Peak District and the alpaca farm, buying a second-hand book from Rare and Racy, and riding the paternoster lift in the Arts Tower. Other than these things, however, most of the places that I want to go to are restaurants. Continue reading

Learning to live with other students

During my three years in Sheffield, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about living with other people. Admittedly, in my dream world people would wash up their plates immediately and the kitchen bin would never be left to overflow onto the floor. Alas, being a student means learning to live with people that aren’t the same as you, and a lot of the time, learning to tolerate mess. Here are some painful truths about student living. Continue reading