Extenuating circumstances… sometimes they’re SO necessary

So, although the exam period has already begun and applications for extenuating circumstances will have been submitted by now I thought I’d give people a heads up for next exam period (even though that seems a whole lifetime away [and I’m a final year so I’m never going to have one ever again])!

I think my first piece of advice would be if you are struggling to complete any form of assessment for any reason that is beyond your control (i.e. not that you’ve made your social life a priority/ Netflix has released a new series that simply must be binge watched within a week), any genuine reason, then let your personal tutor know. It is their job to help you with whatever problems you are facing, so let them do their job. Even if you have never even thought of asking for extra time as being an option – I think there is some stigma regarding receiving extra time, it’s almost seen as cheating – but if you can get it, you deserve to have the time to complete your assessments to the best of your ability. Continue reading

Reverse culture shock – it’s not a myth, yes it really does exist!

After spending the last year living in rural north-eastern France being back at University here in Sheffield is really strange. I would go as far as to say that I am finding it more difficult than when I started in first year. Before the year abroad the french department put on lots of meetings to help prepare us for the difficult year ahead, but no one ever told me how equally hard it would be to come back. If anyone is experiencing culture shock upon moving to Sheffield from overseas, or for those very unfortunate ones among you that have also returned from a year abroad and are now faced with the awful reality that is your actual life… You are not alone! Continue reading