A Selection of Book Recommendations

If, like me, you have found yourself trying to pick up old habits, or cultivate some new ones, you may have decided you want to read more during this strange time. I have already got a great big list of books that I want to read this summer once the semester is over. Most of these are books I have on my shelves already, both at home and in Sheffield. I thought it would be interesting to collate a collection of book recommendations from some of my friends for you to read. I think that not only does it seem more personal when a book comes with a review from those who recommend it, but it also makes a list of book reviews more varied, as we tend to like particular styles or genres.

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Catching Up on Life with Coronavirus

How are we all getting on? Can you believe it has been 8 weeks since Boris Johnson announced the nationwide lockdown due to the rapid spread of Covid-19? I can’t. Some days I can feel every second of the day and others, I blink and it is time for my dinner (Southern dinner, not Northern!) and then I am in bed. My social media is continually awash with people starting fitness regimes, picking up a new hobby or revisiting an old one. I still resent seeing this on my feed everyday, resulting in weekly bursts of deleted apps so I can stop the feeling of unproductive guilt from crippling my day into oblivion. Is this the same for anyone else?

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Falling out of love with English Literature

I know you’re all going to be bored by now of the jokes about Arts and Humanities students. I am. I see them on Sheffessions, I hear them in passing conversations or even whilst I’m sat in a lecture. What use is a Humanities degree? (Yawn.) I used to be offended (understandably so, as this was my passion and the route I wished to pursue) but now I’m not. Surely everyone is right? What am I going to do next? According to everyone in the world – teach. As a teenager I felt English Literature was an essential degree. Something worth studying; my voice valid, my words valid. A degree I had chosen out of pure love for the subject. Now I have people ask me, “Oh, English. Nice! What year are you going to teach?” It gets you down. I don’t want to be a teacher. I’ll probably become one. Because what else can I pursue once I leave? Apparently no-one thinks much of English (wait until they’re tearing through my bestseller). I thought English Literature was The One. Now I’m not sure.

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First Week Woes

I’ve spent this week feeling like I have come down with a case of ‘imposter syndrome’. The impending return to university that had been resting within the depths of my consciousness has suddenly arrived. The Christmas break quickly over, a return to Sheffield in order to revise or write assignments and before I know it, I have a week to myself before the chaos is to ensue. Welcome to the second semester of my second year.

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The Peddler Night Market

On the first weekend of every month, 92 Burton Road at Kelham Island becomes the home of the Peddler Night Market for a Friday and Saturday street food extravaganza. However, Peddler doesn’t stop at providing you with amazing street food from local vendors or those well known from further away; there is also live music and independent traders as well as an abundance of alcohol (and non-alcohol) options for you to choose from. Also every couple of months, there is the one day only Veg Out – a Peddler purely consisting of vegetarian and vegan food vendors. This is always a fantastic event.

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Mentoring at the University of Sheffield – part two

Following on, as promised in Part One of my two-part post about mentoring at the University of Sheffield, is part two, where I have sat down with my mentees from this academic year and quizzed them about the last few months of their mentoring journey. Since September 2018 I have mentored two women at the University; Fathima, a Mature Student undertaking the Foundation Year and Laura, a third year Erasmus student from Spain. This was my first year as a Mentor and I have personally found it incredibly rewarding; not only have I been able to pass on important, pivotal knowledge about the University (giving directions, setting up the Uni app, how to print, etc.), I have also made two very valued friends over the last academic year. Read on to find out about how they’ve found their mentoring experience!

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Mentoring at the University of Sheffield – part one

At the end of my foundation year last year, I felt a strong need to pass on my experiences of the unique twelve months at Sheffield, with the next year of students joining the Department for Lifelong Learning (The Department for Foundation Students) and others! You may be aware, or you may not be, that when applying to be an undergraduate student at the University of Sheffield, you can apply to have a ‘mentor’. Now, this is not to say that we will guide you through every aspect of life, but it is to say that we will help navigate you through your first year at university and hopefully pass on the pearls of wisdom that we learnt along the way. I hope that this may encourage some of you to consider taking this role up for the next academic year. Continue reading