Taking part in the Universities Business Challenge

In September, I got a student-announce email from the University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE) about taking part in the IBM Universities Business Challenge. As is with the tons of emails we get, I was only going to open and close it because I can’t stand having unread emails. However, I didn’t because it seemed interesting. To avoid talking myself out of it I quickly signed up to participate in a selection activity. At the time, I thought it would be interesting to give it a shot. The emails specified that only two teams from each selection event would become USE teams. Though the odds weren’t great, having a selection event warmed me up slowly to the idea of being part of the challenge. Continue reading

On getting mentored

Whether you’re in your first year or already in your final year, it is not unusual to find yourself stumped when asked what you want to do after you graduate. You may be considering a few options or wondering what your options are. Either way, the Careers Service e-mentoring programme could be useful in helping you get through this process of figuring out your next steps. Continue reading