Second year recap

Exam season may feel like the wrong time to reflect on your academic year but taking a break from revision to write down the goods and not-so-goods of the year can be therapeutic. It could even prove useful in helping you figure out what you’d like to keep or stop doing next year. I decided to divide my list into two parts. Things I wish I had done differently and the things I am really glad I did. Continue reading

Work experience: choosing and applying for a placement

Summer Internship or Year-long Placement?

The choice between a summer internship and a year-long placement is one well worth considering. The most important advice I have is that you don’t have to choose in the beginning. If it seems like something you would like to do, apply for it. If you would rather decide first, go for it. Either way, there are two main factors to consider: Continue reading

The joys of schools volunteering

Before volunteering as a Maths Champion, I had never worked with children and was a bit nervous. It was a wonderful experience! I was a Tuesday volunteer assigned to class 5. I would share a cab (paid for by the volunteering office, in case you’re interested) to and from the school with other volunteers. We spent three hours from 9 – 12 at Deepcar St John’s CE Junior School for 7 weeks from November to December. Continue reading

Taking part in the Universities Business Challenge

In September, I got a student-announce email from the University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE) about taking part in the IBM Universities Business Challenge. As is with the tons of emails we get, I was only going to open and close it because I can’t stand having unread emails. However, I didn’t because it seemed interesting. To avoid talking myself out of it I quickly signed up to participate in a selection activity. At the time, I thought it would be interesting to give it a shot. The emails specified that only two teams from each selection event would become USE teams. Though the odds weren’t great, having a selection event warmed me up slowly to the idea of being part of the challenge. Continue reading