The life of a journalism student

Your life completely changes once you start your BA in Journalism. A year into my three year course and looking back on life a year ago seems like five years ago. We have our ups and downs, moments where we’re close to throwing our MacBooks across the room and days when we just want to write, write, oh and write some more. Here’s some woes and some “I LOVE BEING A JOURNALISM STUDENT” points from a first year, going on second year *eep* Continue reading

The end of first year

I can’t believe I’m writing this. It feels like only last month when I was getting lost on my way back to Endcliffe from uni, not knowing how to act around my flatmates, and turning up late to lectures because I had absolutely no idea where the buildings were!

I’ve absolutely loved my first year here at university, I couldn’t have asked for a better year, and it’s great to reflect back on how much I’ve changed since I arrived in Sheffield eight months ago. Continue reading

Receiving feedback on essays

Looking back, reflecting on feedback hasn’t really been something I’ve done. The past few times I’ve had marks back from my first semester at university, I’ve just looked at the grade and clicked off the results.

Back in school/ sixth form, we would discuss our grades and feedback with teachers, so it was easier to take in. But here at uni, the feedback system is so different to what I’m used to. Continue reading

Semester two aims

Exams have officially come to an end and I hope they went well for you all. My exams weren’t too bad, so I was really pleased as they were my first ‘batch’ of university exams. Now to hang on and wait for results. In the meantime, how about a list of things that many students tell themselves they’ll do in semester two? The majority of these aims are actually what I was thinking once I’d finished my last exam, but if I ever achieve any of them… well that’s another matter. Continue reading

My first semester of a journalism degree

I love being a journalism student, I definitely made the right choice.

Many people criticise journalism degrees –  somehow it baffles me as a degree is a degree, surely? I admit some journalism degrees aren’t as good as others, but being a journalism student here at Sheffield Uni instantly puts you on top. The skills we’ve signed up to learn are unreal. It’s the end of my first semester, and I’ve learned so much already, I also feel that I’ve developed as a person, not forgetting that my writing skills are already so much better than they were before I became a student here.  Continue reading