And now, the end is near…

The expiry date on my UCard reveals that as of the 11th June, I will no longer be an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield. Although I’m excited about starting the next chapter, naturally there are many things I’m going to miss about being a student. To make myself feel better, I tried to come up with three reasons why saying goodbye to student life might not be the worst thing. I only managed to come up with three, but here they are: Continue reading

Tips to get you through May!

May is the worst month of the year. As if the constant ‘barbecue to blizzard in three minutes’ weather wasn’t bad enough, I’ve discovered that I have four assignment deadlines and five exams in under two and a half weeks.

I’m sure that my situation isn’t unique, and so I decided to compile a short list of tips that will help you avoid that impending stress-induced meltdown: Continue reading

My interactive culinary Eeperience

During my first three years of studying at the University of Sheffield, I never once thought to take advantage of the Give it a Go programme. This year was no exception, until one day something caught my attention as I was bored and scrolling through one of the ‘SU Highlights’ emails.

It was called ‘Interactive Culinary Experience’ and the description told me that the group would be focusing on molecular gastronomy that particular week. I had no idea what the hell molecular gastronomy was and was intrigued to find out, but the fact that it was taking place on a Tuesday evening meant that I was unable to go. Despite this, I knew that my flatmate (who is hoping to get a job in the food industry when we graduate) would be interested and so I showed her the email. Continue reading

Readjusting to university life after a year abroad

After spending twelve months in the sun on my year abroad, September was the month that my course mates and I returned to Sheffield, back to the student life of beans on toast, back-to-back episodes of Come Dine With Me and countless Broomhill Friery trips. Although thrilled to be back in the best student city in the world (who are you calling biased?), the transition back to life in the UK hasn’t been as smooth as some of us had expected. Continue reading