For those of you looking for a summer job that isn’t completely mind-numbing…

Who fancies spending some of their summer mentoring a bunch of moody teenagers? At first, I didn’t think I’d want to either, but after loads of investigation and a few inspiring testimonials later, I thought I may as well apply for NCS. For those of you who don’t know, the National Citizenship Service (NCS) is a four-phase programme designed to increase teenagers’ confidence and teach them how to be a true citizen. The Team Mentor role, specifically, sees you being assigned a group of twelve 15-17-year olds and working alongside them every step of the way.

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Time management 101

Time Management. The thing we know we need to do but really can’t be bothered doing. I’m not afraid to admit that, last year, I was quite happy sailing along leaving everything until last minute, whether it was an assignment, exam prep or textbook reading. But when I pretty much scraped my way through 1st year, that’s when I realised I should probably change my ways if I want this £9,250 per year to pay off. So, there’s the fact that I’m not only in 2nd year, when grades actually count, but I have uni, a part-time job, extra-curriculars, friends and family to somehow fit into a 7-day week.

This is where the wonders of time management come to play. At first, I thought I’d write this post about the best ways to manage your time efficiently and make the most out of your free time…but that would imply that I completely know what I’m doing which certainly isn’t the case. However, I can suggest some tips which have helped me get by and manage the workload since entering second year.

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