24 Hour Inspire almost here!

The 24 Hour Inspire 2016 is taking place from 5pm on Thursday 12th May to (you guessed it) 5pm on Friday 13th May in the Hicks building, Lecture Theatre 1. The event consists of 24 hours of lectures on a diverse range of topics, each lasting 30 minutes, which aim to inspire, inform and entertain whilst also raising money for charity. You’re free to pop in and out, attending the lectures that interest you most, or the brave can arrive in pyjamas and attempt an all-nighter! Continue reading

Surviving a long distance relationship

Being in a long distance relationship at university is undoubtedly difficult, but it definitely can be done. I’ve encountered a fair few individuals who believe otherwise, and take the pessimistic stance that they’ll never work out. I’m in my second year now, and my boyfriend’s a third year, so we’ve done over 2 years long distance and are still going strong!

For anyone concerned about a long distance relationship, here are some tips… Continue reading

The typical transition tale

Starting second year initially seemed like an exciting prospect. Excruciating ice breakers and asking everyone you meet identical questions is no longer necessary, because you’ve already befriended people. Plus, there’s the moving into a new house to look forward to, and everything is familiar. Comparing last summer to the previous one shows a stark contrast. I couldn’t wait to venture back to university, whereas a year ago I was petrified about leaving home, meeting people and coping with work.
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