Where to study during exam time

Not everyone works well in their room, where there’s a plethora of distractions, and it can definitely be a good idea to get out of your room for a bit and take your books elsewhere. You might get a bit disheartened when you arrive at the Information Commons at 9 in the morning to find over 1000 people already there during exam period, but don’t fret, there are several alternatives! Continue reading

Becoming a morning person at university

Becoming an early riser doesn’t quite fit with the stereotype of a student being more sloth than human, barely able to drag themselves from their beds for a 1pm lecture. Although a bit of an exaggeration, stereotypes are often there for a reason, and this one does ring true to an extent – for proof, pay a visit to the Information Commons at 10 and then at 2. You’ll see quite a remarkable difference in numbers, despite the mere 4 hours in between. Continue reading

5 tips for saving money on food at university

One of the biggest changes when moving away to university is budgeting for yourself. Suddenly, you have all this money in your account to live off for the next few months and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what exactly to do with it. Feeding yourself in a balanced, nutritious manner is obviously really important, but it’s still possible to save money and cut costs in this area without sacrificing eating well. Here are my 5 tips for saving money on food at university: Continue reading