Asking questions in interviews

You have finished presenting your case study, all  questions were answered in the way you want it to be, you got your points across. All seems well and as the interview draws to a close, one last question…

“Any questions?”

A question asking for questions, how intriguing.

It is easy to overlook this aspect while preparing for interviews. But knowing the whats and hows of asking good questions to your prospective employers will definitely give you some extra points, leave a good impression on them and ultimately increase your chances of success. Continue reading

Chinese New Year at Sheffield

I have a love-hate relationship on how Sheffield semester dates always, always coincide with Chinese New Year.

I remember my first year here at Sheffield celebrating Chinese New Year. It is customary for family members to gather and have dinner together on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Since I’m so far away from home, my mum had suggested me to ‘have dinner’ with them via FaceTime (this was really a brilliant idea). What replaces me on my house’s dining table is an iPad and what replaces my mum’s delicious cooking is some Chinese takeout left from the night before. Continue reading

My Summer Placement Experience

After spending my first year’s summer break doing literally nothing, I was determined to secure a placement to make my second year’s summer break a fulfilling one.

I managed to secure a 10 weeks HR placement at a prominent construction company back home. I was eager to start because I have always wanted to explore HR as my future career path and this was my first time actually working in a corporate environment. Continue reading

How to apply for internships

Internships are great opportunities to reaffirm your career aspirations or to explore a new career field you had never heard of before… that is… if you secure one.

Not that I have already secured one as I am writing this post. I have already sent a few applications out and just had a Skype interview a few days back so let’s just hope my effort comes through. Nonetheless, I thought I would share my thoughts on the things you should take note of and improve on when applying for internships. Continue reading

On group projects

At the beginning of autumn semester, I was both excited and anxious when I found out that my second year would involve group projects. Essentially, second year Psychology students are being arbitrarily assigned to a group of five and are tasked to work together on a psychology research topic that we are interested in. The exciting part about this is that I get to meet new people within my course! Also, we are finally given the opportunity to plan, conduct and present a psychology research on our own. Continue reading

My social media epiphany after my trip to Spain

Now that my exams are done and dusted, with a little more than one week before the start of the spring semester, I am currently browsing through my photos featuring my trip with my fellow friends to Barcelona, Spain.

Scrolling through the photos of us in La Sagrada Familia, in Park Guell, the mandatory food shots of the famous seafood paella and the La Boqueria Food Market at La Rambla, I was searching for a photo worthy of making an appearance on my Instagram. Continue reading

Volunteering by (and benefiting from) filling out research questionnaires

Spoiler alert: I am not talking about the Amazon vouchers.

As part of the Russell Group, the university takes pride in its staff and students for conducting high-quality research. For example, staff in the Department of Psychology publish outstanding studies on the causes of Parkinson’s disease and the brain region associated with it, just to name a few. As for students like us, the SURE scheme allows us to take part in research involving our topic of interest. Continue reading

On time management 

Ever had that moment where you regretted having all those flatmate bonding sessions, night outs and the procrastination sessions and wished that you could have spent all those time finishing your piling assignments and university work?

I do. But being a student is not just about being a student – we also want to be normal-functioning humans who are having the time of their life. So the question is not about how to not waste time, but rather on how to make the most of our day, having minused the eat, play and sleep parts (and the list goes on). Continue reading

My laptop episode and what I learnt from it

We all know how laptops form an integral part of our student life, be it for work or for entertainment purposes. Although university libraries do offer laptop loans and a considerable number of desktops for students’ use, it is still way easier to own a laptop so that you can use it regardless of place and time.

So when I found out my laptop wouldn’t boot up on my first night at Sheffield, I was devastated. (Did it not survive the 16 hours flight?!)

But I will skip the specific details and suggest a series of steps that you can follow in order to get your laptop fixed (but let’s hope that will never happen). Continue reading